We've reached the end of our first quarter, January 1 - March 31. We are currently starting the calculation process and we will be sending out Revenue Statements around the second week of May.



Wattpad Futures is a program that gives writers the opportunity to make money doing what they love through strategically placed ads throughout writers’ stories. Revenue from these ads is shared with the writers. 




Wattpad Futures is currently in closed beta and restricted to Wattpad Stars and writers over 18 who are already a part of it.



You cannot write any content that violates our content guidelines. In particular, you cannot write content that infringes on someone else’s copyright or intellectual property. We cannot provide specific advice on what may constitute copyright infringement and it is the responsibility of the writer to determine whether or not their story infringes on someone else’s copyright.  If you are unsure, we recommend you obtain legal advice.


My Stories are Fanfiction. Does this mean i cannot participate?

We love ALL fanfiction at Wattpad. However, when we talk about participation in Futures, we often classify fanfiction into two different categories: Property-based Fanfiction and Real Person Fiction.

Property-based Fanfiction leverages existing characters created and owned by another author (i.e. Harry Potter, Captain America, Jon Snow) and since that infringes on someone else's copyright/intellectual property, unfortunately these stories cannot participate.

Real Person Fiction, as the name suggests, is about real people as opposed to the characters they play in TV shows and movies (i.e. Dylan O'Brien, Harry Styles, Selena Gomez). This type of content is permitted in Wattpad Futures.




As a participant in Wattpad Futures, your readers will see video or image ads between the chapters of your stories in our Android and iOS applications. Similar to the experience on services like YouTube or Spotify, in-story video ads will run for up to 30 seconds with the option to skip if the ad is longer than 15 seconds. In-story ads will be preceded by a brief message explaining that the purpose of the ad is to help support you, the writer. Here is an example of what the experience looks like if you haven’t yet come across one in your reading.


how do futures ads work?

Every time a reader is prompted to view an ad in between your chapters, an ad from one of our partners is displayed in your story. How much that ad is worth depends on many factors such as time of day, location of the reader, the device the reader is using, how long a reader views the ad, whether or not they click it, and lastly, the availability of ads at the time.


How do i generate revenue from Futures ads?

The price for an ad is calculated on a "CPM" model, which stands for Cost-per-mille (mille is French for a thousand). This means that for every one thousand times an ad is viewed, we earn a dollar amount. That amount is variable and is set by the advertiser. For this reason, it's very difficult to do a breakdown of all the ads that were shown in your stories, as the possibilities and revenue earned at any given time are so variable.

We have a system that takes all of this into account and performs the calculations for each Futures writer, but since there are so many factors (and it's complicated!), we calculate this quarterly (every 3 months).

The more times the ad is served, the more you'll get paid. So, to optimize your earnings, keep updating your stories and continue engaging with the readers who support you!


how much can i expect to earn?

The revenue you generate from Futures ads will depend on a number of factors, such as reading time, the location of your readers, and even the devices they're using.


I saw an ad in my story that i don't like. how can i get it removed?

Unfortunately, at this stage, we can't tailor ads to stories. We try our best to ensure that ads being shown in your stories are as relevant to your audience as possible. We truly value your feedback, so if you do see something offensive or inappropriate, please let us know at futures@wattpad.com.


Can I choose which of my stories will have Futures ads in them and how often dO Futures ads show uP?

Unfortunately, you cannot pick and choose which stories receive ads at this time. All of your stories that have at least two parts/chapters will be enabled once you choose to sign up. Futures ads appear no more than once every 30 minutes.



When will I be paid for participating in Wattpad Futures?

The payment cycle for in-story ad revenue will be according to the Wattpad quarterly calendar:

  • Quarter 1: Jan 1 - March 31
  • Quarter 2: April 1 - June 30
  • Quarter 3: July 1 - September 30
  • Quarter 4: October 1 - December 31

Participating writers will be paid for the previous quarter 60 days after the end of the quarter.

For example, for the quarter ending June 30th, you will be paid on August 31st. You will not receive payment until your net proceeds exceed $100 USD. Although we may issue payment 60 days after the end of the previous quarter, it may take a few additional business days for the funds to show up in your account, depending on your country of residence. 



If you did not meet the $100 threshold, your funds will be rolled over to the next quarter, until you reach the minimum threshold. 


how can i find out how much i've made?

At the end of each quarter, Wattpad will send you a report on how much you have made during that quarter. You'll receive this report within 60 days of the end of the quarter, before the payment is issued.


Is there any place where i can go online to see how much i've earned?

At this time, we cannot provide in-depth analytics by story and real-time reporting online. However, we will send you a report on how much you made within 60 days of the end of the quarter. We are planning to evolve our reporting tools as we grow but we’re still in closed beta for Futures.


How and when do i register for payments?

Once you have made over $100 USD during a quarter, you will receive a welcome email sent by our payment processor, Tipalti. The welcome email will tell you how to register your banking information to receive payment. It is essential that you setup your information as soon as you receive the email to ensure you are paid on time. When you register, you will be guided through a process that explains your payment options.

If you did not register within 7 days, your invitation will expire and you will have to request a new one. Please email futures@wattpad.com to request a new invitation to Tipalti. 



Will my real name be revealed?

No, your real name will remain private and never be shared with the Wattpad community. We collect your real name so we can pay you! 



Best Practices

What should writers participating in Wattpad Futures tell their readers?

It is important for readers to understand that viewing Futures ads gives them an opportunity to support you while keeping Wattpad free. Your help in explaining this to your readers will go a long way to making this program successful and sustainable for the Wattpad community!



I'm having issues with my ads. what should i do?

If you or one of your readers cannot view the story part or the story itself due to issues with an ad not playing or displaying, please submit a support ticket with the following information:

  • Where were you in the app when this happened?
  • Can you briefly describe the advertisement? (Company, product name, etc)
  • Are you using Wi-Fi or cellular data?



Upon signing up for Wattpad Futures, you agree to at least three months of involvement. After those three months you will be required to give 30-days notice to futures@wattpad.com if you wish to be removed from the program. Please note, if you decide to leave the program now, while it is in closed beta, you will not be able to rejoin the program until we officially open the program to all writers.

Once you have been removed from the program, we will disable the ads from your profile, and you will be issued your final payment from any revenue that has been generated up until that point. If you did not reach the $100 threshold, you will not be issued payment. 



If you have questions that were not answered in this FAQ, feel free to email futures@wattpad.com.